Sunday, February 21, 2016

Think of a City - Pizzamergency

I must say, Nicola Stuart's 047 is all kinds of fun.  I mean, I literally do not know that I can think of a more endearingly upbeat idea than raptor-riding youths jumping out of a plane (?) to deliver pizza.  Like, that's just an amazing idea and the follow-through is even better.

I generally try to avoid taking directly from the image of inspiration, but I feel like that the Dino Pizza crew is too good to ignore.  Plus, the autobio element I'm working in here felt pretty apropos.

1 - A Dino Pizza trio flies / dives towards the earth at high speed - not dissimilar to birds of prey swooping down on their, well, prey.  The riders hitch close to their raptors to try to keep wind drag at a minimum.  Everyone wears looks of determination.


2 - The raptors throw out their wings to slow their descent, touching down outside a house in a dense neighbourhood.


3 - On a finger ringing the doorbell.

SFX (doorbell): ding!  dong!

4 - A woman stands at the door, holding pizza boxes and a pack of beer.  She looks really appreciative, if a bit tired and worn.  The Dino Pizza crew are happy at a job well done.

WOMAN: Thanks so much.  You guys are lifesavers.

DELIVERER: Think nothing of it.  Just doing our part.

5 - Inside.  The woman and her three friends sitting on couches around a TV, eating pizza and drinking beer.  They are surrounded by all manner of evidence of a recent move: packed boxes, mismatching chairs, pictures leaning on the wall, etc.


6 - The three friends are eating pizza / drinking beer.  The woman looks at the slice she's holding, wearing a quizzical look.

WOMAN: How did pizza and beer become the currency of paying back friends for moving help?

7 - The three friends pause, looking at their own pizza / beer.  All are quizzical.


8 - One friend responds, a satisfied look on their face.  Everyone also seems pretty pleased with the response.

FRIEND (1): I dunno.

FRIEND (2): But I'm not complaining.

WOMAN: Oh, definitely not.

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