Thursday, February 25, 2016

Think of a City - Harmony

There's all manner of positive things I could say about Caspar Wjingaard and J A Micheline's delightful 051, including the beautiful way it builds from the previous entries, its radiant use of colour, or even the fantastic layout they've setup here, but I'd be lying if I wasn't most impressed by the tiny "Dino Pizza" delivery truck between the seed and the glowing copse of trees. That's an amazing callback and wonderful attention to detail.

1 - The city has been taken over by nature, with trees, plants, and the like suddenly sprouting up everywhere. We're focused on a top down view of a clearing among plenty of trees (they could order the panel). Maybe around the main drag. A small strike team has been inserted into the city to discover what's happened and they find themselves facing the body of the leader of an environmentalist group. Roots and the like have grown into the body, propping her up like a small puppet. She slumps forward, seemingly unconscious.  She may have some vegetation growing from her body.
LETTERING NOTE: I'd love to have some stylized word balloons for the environmentalist / creature controlling her. Maybe some vibrant green text on a black or purple balloon.

ENVIRONMENTALIST: Man has long spoken of making changes. Of doing better.

2 - On ground level - maybe a side view - as the roots move the enivrnemtnalist's body closer to the strike team. The strike team is unsure what to do, as some have their weapons ready, while others hold them as their sides. The environmentalist's body continues to slump as if unconscious.

ENVIRONMENTALIST: But all he ever does is find new ways to poison the world.

3 - The environmentalist raises her head, her eyes still closed and her jaw hangs slack. She points accusingly at the strike team.

ENVIRONMENTALIST: It's time for Nature to take back what's Hers.

4 - Close on the environmentalist's eyes, which are now wide open and glowing a haunting green.


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