Thursday, February 18, 2016

Think of a City - Market Price

James Stokoe and Steve Orlando lay down some monstrous beauty here with 045. Some really neat revival of earlier Think of a City ideas here, and with such a density that it's hard to take it all in - and that's a mighty good thing.

1 - A hunting party stands in a sci fi veldt (like a regular veldt, but the colours are brighter and gaudier). The party is decked out with all manner of large guns and weapons. Their leader puts a hand out to indicate a pause.

LEADER: Shh, I think it's ne--

2 - A ginormous worm / slug creature has emerged from the earth, rearing high above the hunting party, dwarfing them with its size. The party unloads ammunition on the monster, seemingly to little effect.

LEADER: Kill it! Kill it! Kill--!

3 - At a marketplace. The leader is now minding a stall, wearing an apron and looking worse for wear. The carcass of the monstrous creature is in the background, other members of the party cutting off cuts of meat, bringing some to the stall table. The leader glowers at a patron holding a packaged piece of meat.

PATRON: That seems a little expensive for meat...

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