Monday, February 1, 2016

Think of a City - Automatic Automaton

I really quite like Roque Romero's 032, but part of me can't help but see something sinister in the brightly coloured and cheerful automated-buildings he's laid down here.  Maybe it's just me, but I can't shake the feeling that balloon-riding figure in the background is trying to escape...

1 - On a stylized image of a young man's face, adorned with all manner of cyborg-esque attachments and doodads - maybe a glowing red eye, some metal in place of part of his skull, possibly a metalic jaw - that kind of thing.  The man looks happy.

CAPTION: They said their "enhancements" would mean everyone would know how to act and what to think.

2 - Outside a huge factory a protest is in the process of being broken up.  Lots of people with signs such as "NOBOT IS A GOOD BOT" or "THINK 4 YOURSELF" are being beaten down and taken away by uniformed and helmeted figures.  The image / logo of the happy cyborg is painted across the factory's front, looking down on the fight below.

CAPTION: We said their false words and half-truths wouldn't fool people into giving up their free will.

3 - On the (now open) doors of the factory.  The former protesters are walking out, all adrnoed with cyborg-prostheses similar to the happy cyborg logo.  Unlike the logo, they look dazed and out of it, as if their brains aren't firing on all cylinders.

CAPTION: We know better now.

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