Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Think of a City - Close Encounter

Ales Kot returns, this time teaming up with Langdon Foss to unleash the geometry-challenging 049, which has all manner of moving parts, each more impressive than the last.

1 - A woman stands alone in a field, looking up at the night sky.

CAPTION (WOMAN): I've always believed we couldn't be alone in the universe.

2 - On the night sky, with all manner of stars, planets, and cosmic beauty taking up the panel.

CAPTION (WOMAN): I'd hoped that, if I kept my eyes on the heavens, I might be the first to spot some of our neighbours.

3 - On the woman's foot / the ground. Some pebbles bounce around the ground, implying a strong force coming from below. Maybe have the woman on one foot, trying to maintain her balance.

CAPTION (WOMAN): I'll be perfectly honest...

4 - On the woman and the field, but now a crude drilling machine has emerged from the ground. Some molepeople have walked out of the machine and are waving hello to the woman. She awkwardly returns the gesture.

WOMAN: Um... hi?

CAPTION (WOMAN): I never really thought they would be so close.

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