Saturday, February 6, 2016

Think of a City - Screen Time

037 from Paul Duffield and Fabian Rangel Jr is absolutely haunting.  I love the mix of crimson reds and neon turquoises splattered across these black silhouettes along with a few isolated instances of pure white.  The admittedly limited colour palette is used to great effect in painting a multi-faceted setting without the scene ever feeling overly busy.  Some masterful stuff going on here.

1 - Victoria, a young scene kid, looks at a group of people waiting on a subway platform.  There's all manner of age, gender, class, and so forth.  They are all looking down at their phones, listening to music, or otherwise avoiding interacting with the outside world.  Victoria looks sad / frustrated.

CAPTION (VICTORIA): We've put up digital curtains to keep the world at bay.

2 - A young man (also staring at his phone) walks by and bumps into another young man.  Neither looks up from their phone.

CAPTION (VICTORIA): Slowly becoming shadows to each other.

3 - The two men now stand side-by-side, both fixated on their respective phones and absentmindedly rubbing at their elbows (where they bumped into each other).

CAPTION (VICTORIA): And to ourselves.

4 - On Victoria.  Her eyes go white as she puts two fingers to her temple.  A turquoise circle glows brightly, centred on her fingers and temple.


5 - On the two young men.  Faded turquoise glows emanate from their phones.  Their expressions finally have some emotion on them, as they try to puzzle out what's happening.  They might even be making eye contact with each other.

CAPTION (VICTORIA): I will pull back the curtain.

MAN 1: Wha--?

MAN 2: Did your phone...?

MAN 1: ...Yeah

6 - The two men start to strike up a conversation.  Around them, other people seem to be doing similar things, either focused on their phone acting up or moving past that to engage with their neighbours.

CAPTION (VICTORIA): And let a little light back into our lives.

MAN 1: Edgar.

MAN 2: James.

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