Sunday, February 7, 2016

Think of a City - A Little Less Conversation

As I've been going through the various Think of a City pieces, I was always aware in the back of my mind that Chris Visions' 038 was coming down the pipeline.  I remember seeing it talked about in an interview about the project and instantly seeing the power conveyed through its imagery.  I wondered how I should approach writing something inspired by it - perhaps more than I needed to - and while what I came up with is by no means perfect, I would say that I am satisfied with it.

While each panel describes a different scene / location, it is important to note that there should be no people visible at any point on this page.  The places / situations appearing are all empty of life.

1 - On the security setup at an airport, with metal detector, full body scanner, and all those things.

CAPTION: It's for our own protection.

2 - On a group of CCTV cameras attached to a wall / the top of a fence.

CAPTION: And if we have nothing to hide than we have nothing to fear.

3 - A security checkpoint in a high school.  The security equipment you'd expect (metal detector, x-ray machine, etc) sits in the midst of lockers, trophy case, and the like.

CAPTION: Because we're innocent until proven guilty.

4 - The outside of a police station.


5 - Inside the police station, looking over the work space of the personnel.  There are desks, papers, computers, chairs, and all the things you would imagine.  Towards the middle of the panel, there is a desk that appears to be mostly empty.


6 - Close up of that mostly empty desk.  There are in fact two things on top of it - a police badge (with "To Protect and Serve" written on it) lying atop a handgun.  The badge is flecked with blood.

CAPTION: Funny how that conversation only seems to go the one way.

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