Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 9

1 - Simon puts his hands up and motions to Amy to slow down, trying to rein the situation in (and keep alive the possibility of hanging onto the bag of money longer).

SIMON (1): Whoa!  Let's not go crazy.

SIMON (2): Why don't we go see how that dude's doing first.

2 - Amy pushes Simon's hands away, angry and frustrated with him.

AMY: You said he was dead!

3 - Simon flinches back, trying to defend himself, both physically and with his words.

SIMON (1): I found a bag full of money attached to a guy's arm.

SIMON (2): Excuse me for freaking out and not checking for a pulse.

4 - Amy stares down Simon, anger seething in her eyes.  Simon cowers.


5- Amy grabs Simon's wrist and starts walking with him towards the back, not waiting for his reaction.

AMY: Come on.

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