Thursday, November 19, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 19

1- Close-up on a number of empty glasses on a table, focusing on Piotr's current glass (half-empty) and his large hands around it.

PIOTR (off-panel): ...not make habit of it.  You are lucky you are my favorite employee.

2 - On Piotr, Amy, and Simon sitting at one of the bar's tables, drinking.  Piotr is in the process of knocking the rest of his drink back, Amy has had a few herself, and Simon is once again nursing a brew.  Piotr looks to be in high spirits, Amy is relaxed, and Simon is on edge, glancing towards the bar.

AMY: I'm your only employee, Piotr.

PIOTR: That too.

3 - Finish, Piotr slams down his drink.  Simon reacts strongly to Piotr's declaration, a look of terror on his face.

PIOTR (1): Done.

PIOTR (2): I will get more from bar.

SIMON: No!  You can't go there!

4 - Piotr stands up and stares daggers at Simon, looming over the terrified young man.  Amy immediately sobers up a few degrees, realizing things are going south.

PIOTR: Amaliya, did Semyen tell me what I can and cannot do in my bar?

5 - Amy gets up and tries to calm Piotr, a worried look on her face.  Piotr continues to stare at Simon, albeit maybe slightly less intensely.

AMY: No, no, Piotr.  He's just saying you wouldn't want to go there right now.

6 - On the floor behind the bar, focused on Winston's slumped body and the duffle bag full of cash (with perhaps a few packs that have fallen out laying around).

AMY (off-panel): ...we made a bit of a mess earlier and haven't cleaned it up yet.

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