Thursday, November 19, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 18

1 - Piotr stands inside the bar, shaking the snow off of his hat and general person.  Piotr is a big Russian guy - bald with a big bushy beard.  Maybe like a serious Zangief from Street Fighter-vibe, should such a thing be possible.

PIOTR: Amaliya!  What is hold up?

2 - Amy stands in front of Piotr, looking kind of awkward.  Simon approaches from the bar (where the duffle bag is no longer visible), looking equally ill at ease.

AMY (1): Uh, sorry, Piotr.  Simon and I have been...

AMY (2): um...

3 - Back on Piotr, who is absolutely beaming.

PIOTR (1): Oh, ho!

PIOTR (2): Were you making the hanky of the panky?

4 - Amy and Simon, now standing next to each other, look at one other, both of them pretty darn surprised and awkward about it.


5 - Amy and Simon kind of put their arms around each other, looking like a really uncomfortable couple.

SIMON: Uh... yeah?

AMY: H-how did you guess?

6 - Piotr swoops in and bear hugs the two, a big smile on his face.

PIOTR (1): Amaliya!  Why did you not tell me you and Semyon were couple?

PIOTR (2): This must be celebrated!

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