Saturday, November 21, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 21

1 - Joseph enters the bar.  He is significantly smaller than Piotr, with more of a runner's physique.  Like Pitor before him, he is covered in snow, but he's happy enough to see Piotr that he doesn't immediately clean it off.  He has one arm up in greeting, but the other remains at his side, off-panel.

JOSEPH: Piotr!

2 - Piotr is up and gives Joseph one of his big hugs.  Joseph returns it.

PIOTR (1): So good to see you!

PIOTR (2): I was worried you might not be making it.

3 - Piotr turns to introduce Joseph to Amy and Simon.

PIOTR (1): Amalyia, Semyon, this is Joseph.

PIOTR (2): I believe you have met already our other colleague Winston.

4 - At Joseph's feet is a duffle bag, identical to Winston's.  Simon and Amy are visible to either side in the background, looks of shock and horror on their faces.

PIOTR (off-panel): He had similar bag.

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