Sunday, November 22, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 22

1 - Simon, still sitting at the table, tries to play it cool.  He's not doing well.

SIMON: N-now, I don't know what you're referring to--

AMY (off-panel): You knew.

2 - Amy at the bar.  She's still pouring the vodka, which is overflowing the glass at this point.  Her terror is mostly replaced by anger.

AMY: You knew all along.

SIMON (off-panel): Amy...

3 - Amy has bent down to grab the bag behind the bar.  Simon approaches the bar to try to get her to stop talking.

SIMON: Amy, calm down--

AMY (interrupting): Why would you put us through all this if you knew?

4 - Amy is back up and throws the duffle bag full of money towards Piotr and Joseph, anger still all over her face.  Simon flinches to get out of the way, although it's not going towards him.

AMY: Why?!

5 - The duffle bag falls short of Piotr and Joseph, spilling its contents all over the floor in front of them.  Piotr looks at it dismissively.

PIOTR: I told you...

6 - Piotr steps over the bag, moving towards Simon and Amy at the bar.  Joseph does likewise, perhaps cracking some knuckles to show how serious he is.

PIOTR (1): You are my favorite employee.

PIOTR (2): I had hoped to be wrong.

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