Monday, November 23, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 23

1 - Simon, still between Amy and Piotr and Joseph, puts out his arms in a stopping motion to try to slow or stop the pair's advance.

SIMON (1): Leave Amy out of this.  I was the one who wanted that money.  I didn't give a damn about your friend's well-being.

SIMON (2): Hell, Amy wanted to help him, for god's sake!

SIMON (3): So if you're punishing anyone, punish me.

SIMON (4): But let her go.

2 - Piotr and Joseph smile at each other.  There is no warmth in their grins.  Joseph reaches into his inner-coat pocket.

JOSEPH (1): That's some mighty fine sentiment there, friend.

JOSEPH (2): But this is not about punishment.

3 - Close-up as Joseph's fist, now adorned with a pair of brass knucks.

JOSEPH (tailless): ...It's about tying up loose ends.

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