Saturday, November 28, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 27

1 - On Piotr as he holds a gun similar to Winston's, drawn and aimed in Simon's direction.


2 - On Simon's face.  His eyes are tightly shut.  He grimaces.  Perhaps he turns his head slightly, as if turning away could help.  Maybe even a tear streaming down his face if that isn't too much.


3 - On Piotr's gun, the trigger being pulled.

SFX: clik!

4 - On Simon.  He flinches like crazy, putting up his arms in a useless act of self-defense.
LETTERING NOTE: I'd love it if there could be a big BLAM! covering pretty much the whole panel, with Simon standing in front of it, to illustrate the sound, violence, and so forth of the gun shot.


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