Thursday, November 5, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 5

1 - Amy prepares some Old Fashions in a mixing glass, pouring out some rye to begin.  She concentrates on her work.

AMY: Besides, you know Piotr is not exactly the forgiving type.

2 - As Amy shakes in some bitters, Simon dismisses her concerns pretty handily.

SIMON (1): Yeah, yeah.  The guy who used to work here tried to pull a fast one and Piotr fired his ass so quick you never saw him again.

SIMON (2): I know the story, Aims.

3 - Amy pours out the mixing glass into two tumblers.  Simon gestures towards the empty bar.

SIMON: For such a hardass, he doesn't seem to mind that his bar is always empty.

AMY: That's his prerogative as the man with the money.

4 - Simon reaches for one of the drinks (all garnished and so forth).  Amy puts out a hand to stop him, smirking once again.

AMY: And as the man without, I think it's only fair you earn your keep.

5 - Simon returns the playful look, crossing his arms.

SIMON: What would you have in mind?

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