Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 25

1 - Simon stands with the gun raise and pointed at Pitor and Joseph, both of whom have their hands up.  Simon should look awkward as heck - this is not a natural position for him.  Joseph is surprised, but Piotr's expression is neutral and patient.

SIMON: Amy, get over here.

2 - Amy comes around the bar and walks past Simon, tugging at his arm to continue with him.  He resists, remaining in the position of holding up Piotr and Joseph.

AMY: You're right, let's go.

SIMON: Not without the money.

3 - Amy and Simon get into an argument, causing Simon to turn his attention to look towards Amy.

AMY: What?  We need to leave!

SIMON: Pick. Up. The. Money.

PIOTR (off-panel): You should listen to Amaliya.

4 - Simon turns his attention back to Piotr, who has walked closer while Simon was looking elsewhere.  Simon straightens his arms and points the gun right at Piotr's chest.

SIMON: You should shut up and back off.  I'm the one with the gun.

5 - Piotr moves forward so the gun is touching his chest, looming tall over Simon's small and quivering figure.

PIOTR: Da.  But you are without guts to use it.

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