Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 4

1 - Tight on Simon, a man in his late-20s / early 30s who is a hipster / punk mix, leaning a bit more to punk (and a tad grungy at that).  He's got some gauges, other piercings, messy hair, maybe a questionable beard, and probably some tattoos, but you might not be able to see them depending on his clothes.  He looks pretty shifty.

SIMON: All I'm saying is we could split the till.

2 - Now tight on Amy.  She's similar age range as Simon, but she is pure hip.  She's got that undercut / longer hair combo that's all the rage, pierced lip, trendy clothes, and the like.  She looks unimpressed.

AMY: And all I'm saying is that you make that suggestion every night.

3 - Simon and Amy both in view, revealing that they are in a bar that is completely empty (except for them, of course).  Amy is bartending, while Simon sits at the counter.  Amy has the empty till open, emphasizing her point.  Small detail, but both their drinks are empty (or near it).

AMY: And half of zero is still nothing.

4 - Close on the two of them.  Some banter between the two, Amy mock accusing and Simon mock defensive.

AMY: ...Unless you want to start paying for your drinks.

SIMON: Do I look like I've found any work?

5 - Smirking, Amy turns to get some supplies to prepare another round of drinks.

AMY: You certainly don't look like you've been looking.

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