Sunday, November 29, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 29

1 - Simon holds Amy, who smiles weakly.
LETTERING NOTE: Amy's word balloon should be wavy and / or straggly to reflect her weakened state.

AMY: So much... for Piotr's good mood...

2 - Amy's head lolls backwards as she passes.


3 - Simon looks up, furious.  Tears stream down his face as he still holds Amy's body.  Piotr is crouched in the foreground, collecting the money and the duffle bags (this action does not need to be clear on this panel).

SIMON: What's wrong with you?!  She didn't do anything!

PIOTR: Da, but you did.

4 - Piotr and Joseph stand, each holding a duffle bag.  They face away from Simon and Amy.

PIOTR: Good luck with mess.  And with explaining to militsiya.

SIMON: You'll pay for this!

5 - Piotr stops at the door, turning back to look at Simon.  A look of sadness is on Piotr's face.

SIMON (off-panel): You'll fucking pay!

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