Sunday, November 15, 2015

Noirvember - If on a Winter's Night - Page 15

1 - We're back at the bar, set up like we were on page 4, except Amy is sitting and drinking while Simon is behind the bar.  Amy has a mostly done drink in her hand and a few empty drinks next to that.  Simon looks uncomfortable.  He also has a drink, but it is untouched.  The duffle bag remains on the bartop.


2 - Close on the bar top.  Simon's hand reaches for Amy's.

SIMON (off-panel): Aims...

3 - Amy pulls back her hand and points the other accusingly towards Simon.

AMY: Don't.

4 - Amy is furious; Simon is penitent.  Neither says a word.


5 - Amy gets off the bar stool and walks towards the back.

AMY: You know what?  I need a smoke.

6 - Back on Simon, who looks ashamed as heck.

AMY (off-panel): Try not to make things any worse while I'm outside.

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