Saturday, March 19, 2016

Think of a City - Resistance

Oh, Think of a City, how I've missed you.  It feels like it's been ages since I last wrote a script based on one of their brilliant pieces, but it hasn't even been three weeks.  I guess that's just how things go when you do something on a daily basis for two months.  While that rate of production is behind me, I am happy to know that these occasional jaunts will continue to come my way.

Indeed, Addison Duke and Ryan Burton oblige just that with the splendiferous 055, which like so many Think of a City pieces, illustrates exactly what I find so wonderful about the project.  This image is chock-full of beautiful things that set my mind racing.  As is so often the case, the challenge wasn't finding an idea to write on but to hone on which one to choose among the crowd.

I decided to focus on the image of the figure pouring the mushroom mixture into the opening (as well as the formation he's sitting on).  I don't always take so directly from the source image, but the idea it lit in my mind would not be extinguished.

1 - Close on a bowl pouring a mixture of blue liquid and mushrooms into a dark, round opening (like the figure in the above image).  The liquid glows a bright, colourful blue, lighting up the darkness within.

CAPTION: People always fear the unknown.

2 - Pull back to show the figure holding the bowl and pouring.  The figure sits on a large, rock-like formation, with two other openings behind them that glow softly with a similar blue.  Taken together, the three openings seem to make a face of sorts.  The surrounding area seems quite desert-y.

CAPTION: Accustomed to the yoke of tyranny, the prospect of liberation can be terrifying.

3 - Pull further back to show that the rock-like formation the figure is sitting on is actually the head of a huge robot / mech-like construction.  The construction's body spreads out in the desert, partially covered by sand in many places.  It appears damaged, but nothing too grave.

CAPTION: It is an obvious truth, but not one I had considered.

4 - Pull back further still to show that a large city lies behind the figure and their construction in the distance.  The figure's pouring is still happening, although it isn't the focus of the panel, nor is it really visible at this range.  Instead, the focus would be on the city.  There's significant destruction around its perimeter, with the outer-walls destroyed and a number of buildings fallen.  Smoke still rises from the city, and footprints may be visible in some capacity from the city to where the construction now lies.

CAPTION: I will not make that mistake a second time.

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