Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On Two Months of City Thinking

I know this might sound silly, considering I just wrote a script nearly every single day these past two months, but I can't believe that I've caught up to Think of a City.

When I first started out, the idea that I might ever work my way through the dozens of amazing, wonderful pieces and reach the current one seemed almost unthinkable.  I could not be happier to have proven myself wrong.

I touched on much of this halfway through my little project, but writing these one-page scripts based on the many extremely talented artists who have contributed to this project has been a true joy.  I'm extremely proud of what I've done here.  Some of the scripts may shine brighter than others, but they all mean a lot to me.  More than that, I still can't express how much it means to me to have had such a positive reception to this little undertaking.  To have received so many words of encouragement and thanks from the very creators I've been taking inspiration from has only become more gratifying as it has continued to occur.  Not to mention everyone else who has been following along in one way or another.

So thank you one and all.  Whether you've been following along throughout, popping in just the once, or drifting in and out, I really appreciate having been your host for however long you've stayed at my corner of town.

I don't imagine you'll be too surprised when I tell you that I love writing one-pagers.  It's something I've been doing a good, long while, and I can't help but get fired up for the challenge of providing a satisfying story or slice thereof in such a small space.  But I know that it's also important to change things up, and in that vein, as of tomorrow I'm planning to shift into a weekly five-page scripts, one page per day.  We'll see how that goes.

It is admittedly bittersweet to have found myself pulling even with Think of a City entries, since that means I will no longer be able to take inspiration from these brilliant creators on a daily basis.  I still cannot believe my luck to have discovered such an amazing project and to have had the great fortune to spend so much time with it in my own way.  Thankfully, I'm already looking forward to the opportunity for return visits down the line when more pieces come out.

Thanks again.  Hope to see you soon.

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