Thursday, March 31, 2016

Five Page Stories - Ex Factor - Page 3

Start from the beginning.

1 - Belok sits on a couch in a living room, sitting alone and trying his damndest not to look awkward (and failing at it).


2 - Belok looks towards Ashling's voice, which comes from off-panel.


3 - Ashling gives a box of junk to Belok.  He's intrigued; she's kinda uncomfortable.


4 - Belok digs through the box, absolutely blown away at what he's seeing.

BELOK: Holy crap!  This is where my spirit coins have been?

5 - Belok pulls out a pair of badass looking gauntlets.  He looks as amazed as ever.

BELOK: And my power gauntlets!?

6 - Belok looks up towards Ashling, absolutely beaming.

BELOK: This is amazing!  I thought I'd lost all this stuff!

7 - Ashling stands casually, looking less than impressed.

ASHLING: I don't suppose you brought back any of the things I left at your place, eh?

8 - Belok looks back at Ashling, his eyes big and awkward.  He does not know what to say.


9 - Back on Ashling.  She looks disappointed, but not surprised.

ASHLING: Typical.

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