Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Five Page Stories - Eye of the Storm - Page 3

Start from the beginning.

1 - The transport vehicle turns off the dirt road and heads towards the open desert.  The dust trail maybe gets a little bigger with the off-road move.


2 - On the Snakeman talking into an intercom.  Focus on his lower jaw / mouth, like the DJ from The Warriors.

SNAKEMAN: Apologies for the unexpected detour.

3 - On Squirt and Flint.  Squirt looks nervous, maybe "sweating" more water, while Flint looks his regular glare-y self.

SQUIRT: This is bad...

4 - On the transport vehicle, now out in the middle of the desert, with nothing really about (maybe some rocky mountains in the far distance).  Dark clouds are starting to build on the horizon.

CAPTION (SNAKEMAN): "...But we've an important stop to make."

SNAKEMAN (from within): You two, off the bus.

5 - On Squirt and Flint.  They're being grabbed by cronies and dragged forward.  Squirt is distraught; Flint is frustrated.

FLINT: He isn't involved in this!

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