Monday, March 14, 2016

Five Page Stories - Taking Initiative - Page 1

We're skimming from more recent ideas this week, going for 062, which reads as:

Wanting to prove his worth after being passed over for a collection job, the protagonist decides to do the job anyways without the boss's permission or knowledge.  Things go terribly awry.

Considering how these things go, that last part might not have been necessary, but here we are.

1 - Terence, a huge, muscular-type, slams the front door of his apartment in frustration.  Terrence looks furious.  The door slams with such force that paintings hanging on the wall fall to the ground.

CAPTION (BOSS): "Sorry, Terence"

2 - Terence kicks over a side table, sending it and its contents flying.

CAPTION (BOSS): "This job's a little outside your realm of expertise."

3 - Terence throws a wooden chair towards a nearby bookshelf, still venting his rage.

CAPTION (BOSS): "Please, don't misunderstand."

4 - Terence lifts and flips his couch towards his coffee table and TV.  If it isn't too busy, maybe have the bookshelf falling over in the background.  Terence screams in rage as he does this, although there's no word balloon to show his shout.

CAPTION (BOSS): "We both know you have many skills and talents."

5 - Terence stands in the middle of his living room amidst all the destruction and chaos he's just created (everything above and perhaps a few more things), breathing hard and absolutely fuming.

CAPTION (BOSS): "But subtlety's never been one of them."

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