Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Five Page Stories - Taking Initiative - Page 3

Start from the beginning.

1 - Terence's hands are all cut up and bloody from smashing the counter - he holds them up, stunned.  Now it's the owner's turn to be mad as hell, throwing his arms out in disbelief.

TERENCE (quiet): oh shit...

OWNER (1): What the fuck!

OWNER (2): I pay you assholes to prevent this kinda shit!

2 - The owner points to the door, stone-faced.

OWNER: Get.  Out.

TERENCE: Not without the money.

3 - The owner comes around and is getting in Terence's face.  Maybe some intense pointing / prodding with his finger.  Terence does not look impressed.

OWNER (1): Are you kidding?  I ain't giving you shit.

OWNER (2): When the regular guy comes 'round, I'll pay him.

4 - On one of Terence's bloody fists.  There's still blood and possibly some glass in it, but he makes a tight fist.  Maybe have some veins bulging in his arm.

OWNER (off-panel): ...And I'll be sure to let him know all about what a fuck-up you are.

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