Friday, March 4, 2016

Five Page Stories - How-To - Page 3

Start from the beginning.

1 - Establishing shot of Power Lad looking over ROBerta and Minnow, who are caught in a deathtrap of his devising.  Both heroes are in individual glass chambers, connected by a tube.  Minnow's is filled with water, while ROBerta's is empty, with the water draining from the former into the latter.  Minnow works to stay within the water (crouching down and the like), while ROBerta tries to stay out of it (climbing up in her glass chamber).  They look desperately towards Power Lad, who looks on with a mocking look.

CAPTION: One book binge later...

ROBERTA: Power Lad!  Why are you doing this?

2 - On Power Lad, laughing in that supervillain way.

POWER LAD: Why am I doing this?

3 - On Power Lad, looking confused as he forgets what he wanted to say.  Maybe have him pulling out his book with one hand and scratching his head with the other.


4 - On the book's interior.  An image of the Snidely Whiplash-esque figure from the book's cover stands on the page, with a big word balloon that reads "Chapter 14: Monologuing" above his head.  A small amount of text is visible underneath, along the lines of "Every great villain must be prepared to speak at length..."

POWER LAD (off-panel): Hold on...

5 - On Power Lad again.  Before he can speak, a throwing disk thrown in from off-panel hits him in the back of the head, causing his eyes to bug out a bit and for him to drop his book.  It looks painful.
LETTERING NOTE: The off-panel shout should be large to grab attention and denote the volume at which it's being shouted.

POWER LAD (1): Ah, yes.

POWER LAD (2): Well, you se--

SFX (interupting): SMAK!

OFF-PANEL SHOUT: Stop right there!

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