Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Five Page Stories - Top Rope - Page 3

Start from the beginning.

1 - El Cardenal Rojo and the same suited businessman get out of a limo.  It's night time.  Cardenal looks up at something off-panel, his eyes wide.  The suit smiles wryly.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): It was like stepping into a different world.

SUIT: Whaddya think?

2 - Switch angles to focus on a huge arena.  Spotlights shine into the night, "Wrestling: Tonight!" is written in big light-up letters on the arena, fans line-up to enter, that kind of thing.  Cardenal and the suit stand at the limo in the foreground, but the arena is the focal point.

CAPTION (CARDENAL) (1): Everything was brighter.



3 - Inside the arena, Cardenal peeks through the curtain to look out at the crowd.  He's as stunned as ever.  The suit remains with him, looking smarmy.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): ...or so I thought.

CARDENAL: There's so many people.  It's amazing.

SUIT: I know...

4 - On the arena floor.  A beautiful wrestling ring stands in the middle, with the usual fences / barricades surrounding it, ramp leading to the entrance, and giant screen above.  Of course, what's notable is the huge crowd / number of seats around the ring, as the arena is huge and capacity is equally large.  Cardenal and the suit are not necessarily visible, but they would be behind the entrance way.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): They did not see the beauty.

SUIT (from curtain): Think of all the money we'll make.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): The bottom line was the only thing they loved.

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