Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Five Page Stories - Taking Initiative - Page 2

Start from the beginning.

1 - Establishing shot of a relatively upscale convenience store.  It's night time.

CAPTION (TERENCE): I'll show him expertise.

TERENCE (from within): I'm here for the money.

2 - At the cash register.  Terence stands at the checkout counter, across from the weary owner.  Terence wears a balaclava and holds a handgun that looks minuscule in his grip (he's not necessarily aiming it at the owner, but it is plainly visible).  The owner has his hands up, but he looks more annoyed and incredulous than anything else.  The counter is a glass-top, which will be relevant shortly.

OWNER: Do you have any idea who you're robbing?

TERENCE: Robbing?  I'm here on collection

3 - The owner reaches over and smacks Terence in the head in anger.  Surprised, Terence flinches, putting up his free hand too late to protect himself.

OWNER: Then why are you wearing that stupid mask?  And what the hell are you doing with a gun?

4 - On Terence.  His free hand is up at his head where the owner smacked him.  He holds the gun at his side.  He does not look happy.

OWNER (off-panel): Are you an idiot?

5 - Terence has both hands raised above the counter, fists balled (and still holding the gun).  He is fuming.  The owner continues to berate him, which isn't helping matters.

TERENCE: Shut up.

OWNER: "Shut up"?  You really have no idea what you're doing, do you?

TERENCE: I said--

6 - Terence slams his fists down on the glass counter, smashing it.  The owner throws his arms up in surprise and in an attempt to protect himself from the sudden shards of glass.

TERENCE (yelling): Shut up!

SFX: Krr-assh!

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