Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Five Page Stories - Ex Factor - Page 2

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1 - Belok stands at the doorway to Lady Ashling's manor / castle, a big hopeful smile on his face.  Ashling stands at the door, complete disappointment on hers.

ASHLING: You've got to be kidding me.

2 - Ashling closes the door, but Belok puts his body between the door and the jamb so that it cannot be closed (this does not look comfortable).

BELOK: Just give me one second to explain!

3 - Ashling relents, a hand to her face in frustration.

ASHLING (1): *sigh*

ASHLING (2): Okay.

4 - Belok sheepishly tries to explain the situation.  Ashling raises a doubtful eyebrow, unimpressed.

BELOK: I left something here before things...ended between us, and I really need to get it back.

ASHLING: Seriously?  That's your explanation?

5 - Belok puts on a serious expression.  Perhaps focus on him, dropping the background to emphasize the supposed drama of the moment.

BELOK: The very fate of the world may hang in the balance.

6 - Ashling's face sours even more, reaching once more for the door.

ASHLING: That's what you said every time you snuck off to bang Wilhelmina the Wild!

7 - Belok looks hopeful, as if what he's saying will be the piece of logic to convince Ashling.  She is stunned at his stupidity.

BELOK: But this time it's true!

8 - Ashling stares, incredulous.  Belok does not see a problem here.


9 - The door slams in Belok's face.  This is the indication he needs to finally realize the conversation has not been going well.


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