Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Five Page Stories - Top Rope - Page 2

Start from the beginning.

1 - Flashback.  El Cardenal Rojo is attending a local wrestling match as a child of 10 or so.  Frame the panel so the young Cardenal is framed by two of the ring ropes.  The match within can be hinted at, but Cardenal is the focus.  The young boy (who is wearing red, natch) covers his face with his hands to "hide" from what's happening in the ring, but of course, his eyes peek through his splayed fingers.  If manageable / deemed necessary, show a smile peeking out from those hands as well.

CAPTION (CARDENAL) (1): But you never think of that at the start.

CAPTION (CARDENAL) (2): And it had been love at first sight.

2 - Cardenal, now a young man, stands on the ring apron, looking into the ring.  It's taking a moment to savour the experience before he enters the ring for the first time as a participant.  He wears a simple red mask and pants, the cardinal element of his theme barely hinted at at this early stage.

CAPTION (CARDENAL) (1): I knew we were meant to be.

CAPTION (CARDENAL) (2): I just had to make that initial move.

3 - A few more years later, Cardenal is much further along in his career, having filled out a little more and sporting a cooler-looking costume (although still a step down from what he had on page 1).  This time he is the one throwing his hands up in victory, holding a championship belt above his head.  The belt is of a modest design, like the modest promotion he works for.  Fans in the audience could potentially be holding signs supporting him (things listing his name, cheering him on, etc).  Either way, they're jazzed.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): It was all I had imagined and more.

4 - On Cardenal, sitting on the ring apron, admiring his belt.  He is thrilled.  The show is long over and the audience seats have emptied out.  A man approaches from off-panel (perhaps hinted at by a shadow).

CAPTION (CARDENAL): I couldn't have been happier.

SUIT (off-panel): Your passion deserves a bigger stage...

5 - From behind Cardenal, looking towards a businessman-type wearing an expensive suit and holding a briefcase in one hand while extending the other for a handshake.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): But love has a way of taking you places you don't expect.

SUIT: And we'd like to provide it.

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