Monday, March 21, 2016

Five Page Stories - Top Rope - Page 1

Looking into my #366stories bag of tricks, we're jumping back to 028:

A career jobber decides that, for once, he wants to win.

As always, the idea is morphing a bit from conception to execution, but hopefully you'll dig what I come up with on this one.

Our story follows a luchador named El Cardenal Rojo, whose mask and outfit are thematically built around a cardinal (the bird, not the religious figure, although funny you should mention that...).

1 - El Cardenal Rojo perches on the top rope, preparing to leap from the turnbuckle.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): Whenever I'm in the ring, I'm in love.

2 - Cardenal leaps from the rope, sailing through the air in a 450 Splash (a frontwards flip with the aim of landing on a person below for those who aren't inclined to follow to the YouTube video - although Cardenal gets more air than Juventud - at least in that vid).  His opponent may or may not be visible laying prone on the mat.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): Every moment is a leap of faith

3 - On Cardenal as he lands the move.  His opponent, The Georgian Gangster - a heavily tattooed fellow with trunks and a leather vest with a hammer and sickle on the back (Soviet-era Georgia, I guess) (also, most of that wouldn't be evident on this panel, but there it is for you) - rolls out of the way and Cardenal slams into the mat.
LETTERING NOTE: The initial caption should be at the top of the page, so it's the first thing to catch the reader's eye.

CAPTION (CARDENAL) (1): It's thrilling.

CAPTION (CARDENAL) (2): But dangerous.

4 - The Gangster cranks Cardenal's leg as he pins him to the mat, with the ref finishing the three-count.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): Because if you're in love long enough.

REF: 3!

SFX: ding! ding! ding!

5 - Focus on Cardenal, still on the mat.  He cradles his head either in pain or frustration (possibly a combination of both).  In the background, The Gangster stands on the second rope at the turnbuckle, arms in the air celebrating to the fans.

CAPTION (CARDENAL): Eventually, you're gonna get your heart broke.

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