Monday, March 7, 2016

Five Page Stories - Eye of the Storm - Page 1

As I continue to sift through my #336 story ideas for these five-pagers, I occasionally come across some that don't really grab me but that do nonetheless inspire a strong idea.

On January 9th, I came up with:

A man stands up to the local despot / crimelord, is beaten half to death, and left for dead in the desert.

While this is certainly a story with a beginning, middle, and end, the whole thing doesn't do much for me.  That said, this idea was inspired by an image I've had in my mind for the past few months, so while this idea is what I'm presenting to you, it's not the only thing I'm using as my foundation.

Does that make sense?  If we're lucky, the script will help clear things up somewhat.

1 - On an expansive rocky desert.  Huge, red rock formations are all about (not unlike what you can find in the southwest US).  The sun hangs in the morning sky.  A small figure, Flint, stands near a dirt road, dwarfed by the landscape.


2 - On Flint.  He shields his eyes from the sun with a hand, looking intently towards what he sees in the distance.  The dirt road trails away behind him.  He is bald, with scars and tattoos.  He is a hard man - in pretty much all senses of the term.


3 - On the dirt road, specifically a large transport vehicle driving in the distance (towards the reader).  The vehicle is of the dirty sci fi variety - somewhere between a semi and a bus in size, old and worn, angular in a way that looks cool but probably isn't super practical, and hovering.  The hover / speed of the vehicle is kicking up all manner of dust.

FLINT (tailless): Right on time.

4 - On Flint as the vehicle skids / floats to a haphazard stop a little ahead of him.  Flint walks towards the door to get on (like you would a bus).  Like on panel 1, he is somewhat dwarfed by the vehicle.


5 - Wide shot on the vehicle starting back up and driving off.  Maybe have it towards the side of the panel to show its progress.  That dust cloud should be kicking up again.


Next page.

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