Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Five Page Stories - Eye of the Storm - Page 2

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1 - Flint walks to the back of the vehicle, passing by row upon row of passengers, all of whom are gawking after him in a combination of surprise, disgust, and many feelings in between.  The passengers are a mix of humans of aliens of all varieties - humanoids, insect creatures, blobs, beings of gas, and all manner of other colourful creatures.


2 - Flint sits down near the back of the vehicle next to Squirt, a nervous water-based alien whose watery insides appear to be held together by some type of membrane.  Despite this, he has something approaching a face and looks nervous (maybe he's sweating?).

SQUIRT: Why would you come back?

3 - On Squirt and Flint.  Squirt tries to talk some sense into Flint, while Flint looks out the window in an absent-minded fashion.

SQUIRT: You can't win this.

4 - On an anthropomorphic Snakeman-type alien near the front of the vehicle.  He looks completely furious, narrowing his eyes and flicking his tongue out menacingly (can one flick a tongue menacingly?).  Some cronies may be nearby, but the Snakeman is the focus - maybe he's getting some type of hand-to-hand weapon ready.

FLINT (tailless): Only one way to find out.

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