Friday, March 18, 2016

Five Page Stories - Taking Initiative - Page 5

Start from the beginning.

1 - A thin black strip of a panel spanning the page width.

SFX: brng!  brng!

2 - Back in Terence's living room - the mess he made in page 1 is still there.  Terence lies half on the floor / half on his overturned couch, wearing the same clothes as the day before (maybe with noticeable sweat stains, etc).  His eyes are barley open, squinting and bleary.  He holds one hand to his head.  The main addition to the room is a pile of empty beer bottles scattered across the floor around him.

TERENCE (woozy): Ugh...

SFX: brng!  brng!

3 - Switch angles slightly, focusing on a bag overflowing with money sitting on the floor.  In the background, Terence's eyes go wide as he realizes what he has / remembers what he did the night before, his hangover temporarily forgotten.

TERENCE (quiet): Fuck.

SFX: brng!  brn--

ANSWERING MACHINE (off-panel radio balloon): You know what to do.

SFX: beep!

4 - On the (also still overturned) side table and accompanying answering machine / phone lying on the ground next to it.

BOSS (1): Terence, I don't know what happened, but the place is gone.  Burned to the ground.

BOSS (2): This is what I keep you around for.

5 - On Terence.  He looks terrified.

BOSS (radio balloon): Find the mother fuckers who did this and make them pay.


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