Thursday, September 27, 2012


1 - Senator Lowry and a small delegation are visiting a scientific research lab to check in on the progress of the "Shock Pack", a weapon that consists of a backpack battery and a rod that discharges bolts of electricity.  Dr. Johnson is leading them around the lab.  Lowry and company look dour, unimpressed, and short on patiendce.  Johnson looks nervous, but tries (poorly) to feign happiness.  William, a lab assistant stands in the background with a Shock Pack on a table in front of him.

SENATOR LOWRY: For the money we're giving you, these Shock Packs better knock our socks off.

DR. JOHNSON: Don't worry, Senator Lowry!  The project is coming along smoothly.

2 - Dr. Johnson moves close to William to speak to him quietly.  William looks concerned.  Johnson is too nervous to pay his warnings any mind.

WILLIAM (whispering): Dr. Johnson, the packs aren't clear for field testing yet.

DR. JOHNSON: Billy, there's no time to argue.  Science - and federal funding - waits for no man!

3 - William stands, wearing the Shock Pack on his back and aiming it at some dummy targets.  He looks uncertain and unconvinced.  Dr. Johnson stands behind him and reaches for the pack.

WILLIAM: I'm having second thoughts, Doc...

4 - Panel inset into panel 3.  It is a closeup of Dr. Johnson's finger pressing the "on" button of the Shock Pack.  The tailless word balloon spans panel 3 and the inset panel 4.

DR. JOHNSON: I'm glad to hear it, Billy!

SFX: touch!

5 - An arc of electricity flies from the rod as William is thrown back by the enormous force.  Have a dark background with either a big bright blue or dark yellow lightning bolt image imposed behind William as he flies away from the point of force.


6 - Another shot of the lab.  The place is pretty much wrecked.  All electronics are burnt out and there's a layer of ash / burnt that covers most everything and everything (cartoony of course).  Any hair is also all stuck out due to the electricity in the air.  Senator Lowry and company look even madder than before.  Dr. Johnson looks even more embarassed and sheepish, smiling the biggest and fakest smile ever.  William's legs are visible on top of a large item that he's landed on the other side of.  His hand pops up, pointing skyward to grab people's attention.

WILLIAM (quietly and woozily in the background): I'm good!

DR. JOHNSON: As you can see, there's still a few minor kinks to work out.

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