Friday, September 21, 2012


Four rows of panels.  Rows one, two, and four are all the same height; row three is quite thin, laid out to emphasis distance.  Rows one, three, and four are all single panels; row two is made up of one big image as well, but it is divided into three equal-sized panels by the gutter to break up the reading experience and extend the moment slightly.

1 - A group of large and menacing robots march down a broken street of a broken neighbourhood.  The pavement is torn up from what looks to be past fights.  Many of the buildings on other side of the street show similar wear and tear - if they're still standing.  Rubble is strewn everywhere.  The robots are protecting an even larger and more imposing carriage, which the robots are all surrounding.

CAPTION (1): 11:47am.

CAPTION (2): Front Street.

2 - Kerrick, a member of the human resistance, is pressed up against a wall on the street corner.  He holds a gun high, ready to leap from his hiding place at any moment.  He wears what looks like a futuristic version of what those old timey flying helmets (the caps with the big goggles on them), fingerless gloves, an old, reliable jacket, and some nondescript dark pants.  While his clothing is in relatively good condition, it's pretty dirty and a little threadbare, as is Kerrick.  Another person stands next to Kerrick on his left.  The look concerned, Kerrick looks ready.  The robots are visible beyond the wall, marching towards the men's position.  Note: Kerrick's second piece of dialogue extends across the three panels, being cut off as it crosses onto panel 4.  Have it written large to show he's shouting.

OTHER GUY: Are you sure about this?

KERRICK (1): Let's do this.

KERRICK (2): Death to the robo--!

3 - Continuing the image, this panel is in the street, in front of the robots.  Kerrick has leaped from his hiding spot and is running to the middle of the street, shouting with his gun raised.  The robots towards the right side of the panel are raising their weapons in response.

4 - Completing the image, Kerrick has almost made it to the middle of the street; however, the robots have reacted at this point and are shooting the heck out of Kerrick.  Due to all this being shot, Kerrick has stumbled and is tumbling towards the ground, pretty much dead.  He's clearly done, but the robots aren't really laying off.

SFX (robots shooting): zrt!  zrt!

5 - The nearest robot looks down at Kerrick's corpse (which is off-panel).  In the background, the robot leader has emerged from his steel carriage and is asking what's going on.  Further in the background (behind this robot force) are some figures that are too far away to make out - they're in silhouette.

ROBOT KING [robot voice]: What is the cause of this disturbance?

ROBOT GOON [robot voice]: Simply another human protestor, your majesty.  Nothing of consequence.

6 - We've switched to those two background background figures.  They look to be more human resistance members, like Kerrick.  Their clothing is similar in quality and condition, although they wear different individual items - it's not a uniform or anything.  They are behind the group of robots, looking at the carriage, which is no longer surrounded (the robots in the back having moved forward to dispatch of Kerrick).  One of the figures holds a rocket launcher on her shoulder, which she is firing.  A burst of flame comes out the back as the rocket flies off towards the Robot King's carriage.

ROCKET WOMAN: I'll give you consequence.

SFX (rocket launcher): pa-KROOM!

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