Thursday, September 20, 2012


1 - A car race.  Nascar-esque, but that much isn't actually necessary.  The important thing is that a group of cars (say four or five) is taking a corner on the track.  The lead car is beginning to swerve slightly.  The panel is positioned ahead of the cars, looking back.


2 - The lead car starts rolling, the side starting to come over the top.  The other cars in the background begin trying to take some evasive maneuvers.


3 - The lead car is now flipping end over end, corkscrewing something fierce.  The other cars are in the process of crashing, and other packs are catching up too soon, also unable to stop in time.  We could maybe have a few small flames here, especially on that lead car.


4 - That lead car is really going, getting some awfully serious air.  It's real banged up, and those early flames are starting to get a bit bigger.  To make matters worse, the panel perspective has been backing up so much that we're moving into the stands now.  People are running for their seats - have been running for a bit.  Nevertheless, it looks like that car might impact against the bleachers before everyone is out of the way.  In the background, that pile up is only getting worse, with people running in to help, while some drivers limp away.

CAPTION (CRASH): That was not a good day.

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