Sunday, September 9, 2012

Robert Drake

1 - A shot of Professor Robert Drake.  He is an older man.  From his clothing, it would be a fair guess to assume he's a professor of some variety.  Thick rimmed glasses, tweed jacket, that kind of thing.  He also looks to be scared out of his mind.  He wears his hair short.  Sweating profusely, his hands are grasping at the open air in desperation.  There's no background behind him, save for open sky.

DRAKE: Can't we talk about this?!

2 - Switch to a shot of Guillaume Montagne.  He is a sophisticated looking man.  Somewhat on the portly side, he wears a finely tailored suit and expertly coifed hair and beard.  He wears his hair a little long.  Both his hair and suit seem to be whipping in an unseen wind, slightly marring his noble look.  However, he has a grave and sombre expression that commands respect, in spite of his slightly tussled appearance.  Open sky remains the background.

MONTAGNE: I believe we have already had extensive discussions at this juncture, and while an open dialogue is important in any business relationship, it hasn't brought me any closer to posessing the Sceptre of Flames, has it?

3 - Switch to a shot of both Drake and Montagne.  There's also a guard or two standing in the background on Montagne's side.  Their uniforms flap in the wind, too.  The group stands on an empty platform in front of a large structure that appears to be a mixture between a mansion and a fortress.  Various defenses and weapons are visible on the mantress.  Montagne stands close to Drake, poking his walking stick into Drake's chest.  Drake appears to be trying to maintain his balance.

MONTAGNE: I repeat myself, Mr. Drake.  Either give me what I want...

4 - Far out landscape shot.  It's a barren desertscape, filled with rocky crevaces and mountains.  Floating above it is Montagne's flying ship / manor / fortress.  It sits on a X-shaped cross that supports the entire structure.  The group is visible standing on one of the edges.  A figure (Drake) is falling from the mantress towards the ground.

CAPTION (MONTAGNE): Or get off my ship.

I really like the idea behind this one.  I'm not sure if the execution lives up to it.

I've been trying to build stories out of images of late, and I think this is the strongest product of that process yet.  Can you guess what the image was?  :P

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