Thursday, September 13, 2012


We've got a pseudo medieval / fantasy page.  Enjoy.

Three rows of panels.  A single panel for both the first and third rows; three panels for the second row.

1 - Brendan, a strong looking youth of 19, sits, holding a knight's helmet in his hands.  The helmet is dinged and worn, proof of its use.  The armour he wears, which is a hodge podge of unmatching pieces that is similarly used.  He looks hard at the helmet, as if he is considering a difficult decision in his mind.

MOTHER (off-panel): The King's men have already been dispatched to deal with it.

2 - Brendan looks up to see his mother standing before him.  She is a woman who is old beyond her years, worn down by the difficult life she's lead.  She is greatly concerned for her son, tears welling in her eyes.  Brendan looks certain of the words he says.

BRENDAN: They will fail.

MOTHER: And so it must fall to you?

3 - Brendan stands, the helmet at his side.  His mother gives it her all to convince him to say, but it's clear from his face that nothing will sway him from his choice.

BRENDAN: The realm needs me.

MOTHER (1): What of your family's need?  Your old father is too old to tend the shop.  Your sister are still too young to fend for themselves.

MOTHER (2) (quieter): You'll die if you go.

4 - Brendan walks towards the door, a determined look on his face.  He's made his choice.  His mother looks on, crying.

BRENDAN: I won't be able to live with myself if I stay.

5 - Outside.  A heavy rain.  Brendan rides away from the hovel that is his home.  He does not look back.

CAPTION (BRENDAN): Goodbye, Mother.

Not much to say.  Saw a picture of a knight ready for battle and wondered what the conversation he might have had to get there would be.

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  1. Really cool stuff, I dig the detail that you're providing in you scripts: it's just enough. I've seen a lot of scripts lately that have either been far too wordy, or nowhere near descriptive enough.