Monday, September 10, 2012

The Time Traveling Wilburys

1 - Quasar Quinn is a skinny, lithe dude.  He wears his blond hair short, with a trendy mustache adorning his upper lip.  He wears wrap around sunglasses.  He wears a lot of steampunky type clothing, including a bowler hat, vest, and dress pants (with dangling suspenders).  His dress shirt's sleeves are rolled up.  Let's say his guitar is also steampunkish, just 'cause.  He's in the process of playing some slick tunes, firing a burst of pure musical energy from his instrument to subdue some time villains (let's say they're reprobates who are all wearing the same type of gas mask to have a unifying theme there).

CAPTION (1): Quasar Quinn

CAPTION (2): It's not his real name, but that doesn't stop it from being spot on.  Quinn is the most powerful and energetic man to ever hold a guitar.  His licks have literally stopped people dead.

2 - Krom is a hulking monster of a man.  Clearly of caveman lineage, he has adapted well to a cavalier, time traveling, music playing life style.  His hair and beard are shaggy - and died purple.  In fact, purple is pretty much his primary colour, fitting in most every fashion item he possesses.  He wears Inuit snow googles (which are also purple).  He holds his drum sticks (which are clearly dinosaur bones) high above his head.  A mob of skeletons are attacking him, but he is beating them with his dino bones.

CAPTION (1): Krom

CAPTION (2): A man out of time, Krom spent his life hitting things with other things, but always felt that he had a higher calling in life.  Now he hits things with other things professionally as the Wilburys' drummer.

3 - A sleek and futuristic looking robot.  Think Daft Punk-esque.  He even wears a suit, although he has a robot body.  His optical lenses look like sunglasses.  His amplifiers are actually part of his body in some capacity, and he turns them up to eleven to ward off his attackers (a group of plant zombies).

CAPTION (1): Beat Bot 13K

CAPTION (2): Born of the most advanced 43rd Century technologies, 13K was created to literally be the ultimate drum machine.  However, Krom refuses to play anything else.  Fortunately, 13K is also a pretty mean bassist.

4 - Claire is a clear product of her Victorian epoch, although she is not nearly as steampunky as Quasar.  Instead, mix Victorian ladies fashion with Jem and the Holograms to get an idea of what she should be wearing.  She even has those weird paint flash things around her eyes (in the shape of clocks or perhaps the infinity symbol?).  She uses her microphone as a weapon to defeat some space pirates.

CAPTION (1): Claire Wellingsworth III

CAPTION (2): The daughter of a successful textile family in Victorian-era England, she could not abide the time into which she had been born.  Her Victorian ennui and versatile voice make her the perfect lead singer.

5 - The group is all together.  They're straight up jamming, but reality seems to be shimmering around them.  Their musical cavorting is sending them off through time!

CAPTION (1): Alone, each is a talented musician in their own right.

CAPTION (2): Together, they are The Time Traveling Wilburys, a force so powerful that not even time can contain them!

I don't know what to tell you.  I felt the urge to write something with a literal supergroup of musicians, and was reminded of the clever name my friend came up with when we first started playing Rock Band.  Putting it together, these motley crew is the result.  I don't know if the page is truly all that exciting on its own, but I do like the characters and will probably have to come back to them at some juncture.

Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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