Thursday, September 6, 2012


Five rows, each made up of a single panel that stretches the page.

1 - An overhead view of a dirty and crowded market street.  There's plenty of different wares on sale, from laser blasters to exotic delicacies to everything in between.  People move from stall to stall, looking at everything there is to see.

CAPTION (AMOS): I wouldn't normally come this way.

2 - Amos is running through the crowd, going from left to right.  He appears twice on the page, along with a word balloon coming from off-panel on the right to show all of his progress in a single panel.  The first instance has him sliding past some people, the second instance has him bumping into two others, and the third instance, while mostly off-panel, involves Amos knocking over a table at one of the stalls.  The owner shakes his fist angerly at the figure off-panel.  Each word balloon belongs to a different instance of Amos.

CAPTION (AMOS): But I'm desperate.

AMOS (1): Excuse me.

AMOS (2): Pardon me.

AMOS (3) (off-panel): Sorry about that.

3 - Amos is gone.  The crowd has mostly calmed down, although some still look towards the direction that he left in.  A few on the left side of the panel point worriedly at something that has yet to appear.  The stallkeeper beings picking up his knocked over product.

CAPTION (AMOS): It's easy to get lost in a crowd.

4 - A nefarious looking group appears and follows Amos' path.  It's Tork, an ugly looking three-eyed alien, and some imposing Thug-bots.  They also appear multiple times across the panel, just as Amos did.  The first instance is Tork firing off his laser gun to scare off the crowd, the second instance is him and his Thug-bots pushing through the ensuing chaos, knocking people to the ground with impunity, and the last instance is Tork shooting the stallkeeper that Amos upset.

CAPTION (AMOS): That's not the problem.


TORK (1): Move it!

TORK (2): Outta my way!

5 - Tork and the Thug-bots are gone, but the damage they caused remains.  A number of people lie hurt on the ground.  Some are being helped up by bystanders, others are not.  The stallkeeper lies on the ground dead.

CAPTION (AMOS): The problem is living with the repercussions of doing it.

Long-time readers may recognize Amos from an earlier piece I did before.  I've rewritten a few pieces of that guy, but consider this scene as taking place shortly after Amos' original appearance.

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