Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Hike

1 - Establishing shot.  A top down view looking down on the treetops of a lush forest.  It's early fall, the leaves only just starting to turn.  Through the thick canopy, an older man is visible, walking along the forest floor with a large walking stick.  The treetops blow in the wind.


2 - Move way closer in.  Straight on shot of the man.  He stands still, his head turned slightly to the side.  The wind dies down for the moment.

MAN: I know you're there.

3 - Lower camera to the man's feet.  He drops his stick and it falls with a loud WHMP!.  The focus, however, is on the background where a hooded assailant emerges from the treeline.



4 - 3/4 angle.  The man prepares himself for a fight.  Taking a defensive position, he is poised to attack or defend at a moment's notice.  The assailant has moved closer, but he is not alone.  Four more figures emerge from other parts of the forest, surroudning the man.  He wears a determined look, unphased.  The wind picks up and leaves fall around our characters.

MAN: Let's finish this.

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