Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mr. Sanderson

1 - Mr. Sanderson stands at a check-in counter.  He is dressed professionally, like someone at a job interview would be.  A secretary sits on the other side.  The secretary wears a telephone headset dealie, with a hand to their ear to indicate they're using it.

SECRETARY: Thank you, Mr. Sanderson.  You may take a seat.  He should be ready for you shortly.

2 - Mr. Sanderson sits in the waiting area.  It's a single bench / couch thing.  Two other men are sitting there.  There isn't quite enough room for three people on the bench, so they're somewhat cramped.  Sanderson looks at the other two men out of the corner of his eye, trying to size them up.  Both gentlemen are also wearing suits - nicer ones than Sanderson, in point of fact.  The other two men pay Sanderson no mind.  One, Mr. Walden, reads a newspaper.


3 - A call from the secretary (off-panel).  Mr. Lapierre is up and walking towards the nearby door.  Sanderson moves around on the bench to have some more space.  Walden continues to pay him no mind, reading his paper.

SECRETARY (off-panel): Mr. Lapierre?

4 - Beat as the two remaining men continue to wait.  Walden keeps on reading that paper.  Sanderson is getting nervous, fidgeting a bit while twiddling his thumbs and looking up at the ceiling.


5 - There is terrible screaming coming from the door Lapierre just entered.  Walden doesn't seem to notice it, turning to the next page in his paper.  Sanderson is taken completely by surprise, freaking out pretty noticeably at that screaming.

LAPIERRE (off-panel): Oh no... please, anything but th-- owwwaaARGHHH--!

6 - Beat panel.  Silence.  Walden is still hidden behind his paper.  Sanderson starts looking around more urgently, trying to figure out what's going on.


7 - A call from the secretary (off-panel).  Walden is up and walking towards the same nearby door.  Sanderson holds tightly onto the chair and his gaze follows Walden's steps.

SECRETARY (off-panel): Mr. Walden?

8 - Beat as Sanderson sits alone, waiting for what will come next.  He holds a similar pose to the last panel, but he's sweating quite profusely here.  He awaits with baited breath to see what will happen.

9 - The scream comes again.  Sanderson is up and running in the opposite direction of the door, getting the heck out of Dodge.

WALDEN (off-panel): What?  OH GOD WHY? OH, THE PAIN! THE--!

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