Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ted & Buckly

Prepare yourself for a glimpse into the life of a somewhat anthropomorphized bear and his bee friend.  It is a tale that is not for the weak of heart.  You have been warned.

Three rows of panels.  Two rows of three panels each, with both the rows and panels being of the same size.  At the bottom of the page, row three is long and thin, a single panel taking up the remaining space.

1 - Ted the bear sits in his bear kitchen (think super rustic), berries still sitting on his plate.  Buckley, a bee that Ted is friends with, buzzes agitatedly around Ted.  Ted looks at Buckley in concern, a tinge of confusion on his face.  Buckley's word balloons are small due to the fact that he is a bee.  His dialogue is indecipherable to show that Ted can't understand him.

BUCKLEY: [a series of indistinct scribbles with a bunch of exclamation marks]

TED: Buckley.

2 - Repeat panel.  Buckley's incessant buzzing actually takes up the entire top of the page to show how much and how quickly he's talking.  Ted reaches out and grabs Buckley by the wings.

BUCKLEY: [a series of indistinct scribbles with a bunch of exclamation marks]

3 - Close in on Ted bringing Buckley in front of his face.  Ted yells at Buckley to get his attention.  The force of the shout pushes Buckley away, although Ted holds on to him tightly, so he doesn't go far.  Air and spittle fly from Ted's mouth.


4 - Ted places Buckley on his snout.  Buckley has calmed down, but has seemingly lost all the energy he had.  He flops down.

TED: What's wrong?

BUCKLEY (weakly): It's gone, Ted.

TED: What?  What's gone?

5 - Buckley regains a bit of energy and starts pacing on Ted's nose.  While Ted can now understand Buckley's words, he's still a little lost.

BUCKLEY (1): Everything.  The bees, the hives, even the wax.  There's no evidence they were ever there at all!

BUCKLEY (2): Something's wrong, Ted.  You've gotta help me find 'em!

TED: Of course, buddy.  I just need to grab some honey first.

6 - Buckley flies closer to Ted and grabs his eyelids, shaking them in frustration they way someone would grab and shake the front of another person's shirt.

BUCKLEY!: You're not listening, Ted!

7 - Straight on shot of Ted, with Buckley in the foreground.  Ted's eyes have gone wide, taking up the entire thin row.  Now that Buckley has explained how this impacts him, Ted finally grasps the severity of the situation.

BUCKLEY: They took the honey, too!

What can I tell you?  I just really like bears.

This one's a little shaky.  I went through a surprising number of drafts and ways of trying to get this scene across.  To be honest, I think it would benefit from a bit more space.  Maybe another page or so to let things breath and develop a bit more organically.  However, when one sets arbitrary limitations, one should stick to them.  If not, we'd just be left with chaos!

Chaos, I say!

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