Wednesday, September 19, 2012


1 - Outside shot of a shack in the middle of nowhere.  The shack's lights are on.  A beat up car is parked outside.

BOZO (from inside shack): Do you know what people generally think when they first see me?

2 - Inside shot.  The shack is old and messy and the light is scattered.  A huge guy stands showing off an even bigger gun on his hip.  It's some type of ridiculous machine gun, way bigger than anyone would really ever need.  It's got a big stock, an even bigger barrel, and so on and so forth.  It should be rendered just barely on the serious size of ridiculously large.  This guy is Bozo, a mercenary type character who might have a few screws loose.  He gets his name from the old school hockey mask he's wearing that's painted to look like a clown (either like the Joker's in The Dark Knight or similar to a stylized Juggalo).  Bozo looks towards the reader.

BOZO: "That maniac's gun is huge!"

3 - Bozo feigns hurt body language - he looks to the side, places a hand over his heart.  He also lowers the gun to take some of the emphasis away from it.

BOZO: It's kind of hurtful, you know?

4 - Bozo points enthusiastically at the reader's direction, where the off-panel voice is presumably coming from.


BOZO: Exactly!

5 - Bozo holds his gun tenderly.

BOZO: It's so reductive.  As if this baby is all there is to me.

6 - Bozo puts the gun down on a table beside him.  He moves closer to the reader.  While he's wearing a mask, it appears as if he's either getting happier or more serious.

BOZO: But I'm so much more than some maniac with a big gun

7 - Move the camera out a bit and switch the angle slightly to reveal that Bozo has a hostage tied up to a chair.  Bozo kneels right in front of the hostage at face level.  He holds a big knife to the hostage's neck, drawing some blood.  The hostage tries to move away.  The hostage is crying.

BOZO: I have a big knife, too.

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