Saturday, August 13, 2011

Worst Morning Ever

          I totally just let the elevator doors close in that guy's face. I didn't see him until the last second, but he's going to think I did it on purpose.
          I see that guy every day. We seem to always take the elevator at the same time. We had a good thing going. Nods of recognition. Occasionally exchanging a word or two.
          Now he's going to hate me.
          Should I apologize when I see him tomorrow? Act like nothing happened? Why did this happen? Riding the elevator is going to be so awkward.
          Unless I start taking the stairs...

I'm not really sure what inspired this one.  I haven't taken an elevator lately.  Or at least, I haven't accidentally insulted someone while taking an elevator.

I guess I just wanted to write some guy overreacting to the least important thing possible.  Who then subsequently decides to make a minor life change to avoid facing his insignificant problem.  If that's the case, I think I managed that pretty alright.

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