Friday, August 5, 2011

The Greatest Story Ever Told

            Muffin was the cutest little kitten. Everyone in the entire neighbourhood agreed. Wherever he went, people would stop and comment on just how cute he was. They would insist on petting him. Or scratching his ears. Or giving him sweet belly rubs.
            Being the cutest kitten was a pretty good gig, and Muffin relished every moment of it. He would often sit outside the corner store, knowing that eventually someone would find his adorable kitty features irresistible and then they would buy him some wonderful treat. Like milk. Or candy.
            It was kind of the best.
            Or so Muffin thought.

Yeah.  So I really just wanted to write a story about kittens today?  I'd say I accomplished that pretty well, but there's only one kitty in this tail (zing!), so maybe I'll have to reexamine the concept one day soon.

Or maybe I'll write something more serious tomorrow.  It's hard to say.  Either way, some levity is beneficial, every now and again, right?


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