Saturday, August 6, 2011

Going to Leave a Mark

            “It was brutal. The guy unleashed a massive boot, and the ball absolutely flew. Hit Jamie square in the face and ricocheted straight into the back of the net.
            “Man, that ball was going so fast it probably hit the twine before Jamie realized what had happened. Well, if he realized at all. Jamie was gone from the moment he got clocked.
            “Have you ever seen someone out on their feet go down? It's hard to watch. Jamie slammed into the ground. No attempt to stop the fall, you know? Just thinking about it makes me feel a little sick.”

So no kittens this evening, but we are back to soccer.  In a matter of speaking.  The real purpose with these soccer stories has been trying to capture impact moments (whether it's the ball hitting Jamie's face, the fist fight, or the guy getting clipped in the jaw).  Wanting to practice some action from a few different perspectives here.  They've just been about soccer because I play way too much (had two games this evening).

It always seems so easy when you read it on the page, but figuring out which moments to focus on and how to organize them is a lot harder than I would care to admit.  I know these are far from perfect, but I like to think that they're improving with each effort.  Even if that's not quite true, I am happy to be back to doing these short pieces on a regular basis, so there is that.

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