Saturday, August 13, 2011

Or Was It?

         That's odd.
         I could have sworn that Keith saw me. But that can't be right, because he definitely would have held the door if he had. We always have the nicest conversations while we're heading up together. I can't imagine he would want to skip that. I know I always look forward to our chats.
         And here I was going to ask if he wanted to come by my place this weekend to watch the game. I know he mentioned that he followed hockey, so I figured he would be interested.
         I guess I'll ask when I see him tomorrow.

So if you've somehow managed to read this before going through Worst Morning Ever, you should probably go read that.  It will help this one make a bit more sense.

Don't worry, I'll wait.


Okay, got it read?  Glad to hear it.

Here we have ourselves an alternative take on that fateful morning.  Perhaps it wasn't as bad as Keith thought?  It certainly appears that Jim would happily forgive what he has accurately deduced to be an accident.  However, maybe Keith is better off avoiding Jim.  Based on their different perspectives, Jim seems like kind of a weirdo...

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