Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Falls

          It was as if they had found the edge of the world. They stood at a precipice so tall that its bottom was impossible to see. They stood next to a river so immense that it could have easily been confused for a lake were it not for the current's furious pace and the water's sudden terminus where it rushed over that very precipice. The torrent flew from the world with a deafening speed, plummeting into forever. Eventually, it was swallowed by a massive, billowing mist far, far below.
          No one could say how long they stood there in silence.

I'm sorry to everyone who has been waiting on the next installment of "The Four Adventurers" (as I'm apparently calling it now).  I was really put off-track by my vacation this weekend and was simply unable to figure out how to do this part yesterday.  I'm not sure if I'm 100% happy with this description of the Falls, but that is alright.  This whole adventure (both of these four figures and the 1 Character 100 Words experiment) is to practice, practice, practice, and that is certainly what I have been doing.  And that does make me happy.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when these crazy cats do something more than look at massive descriptions!

...if we're lucky.

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